Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifteen Minutes of My Life That Are Gone Forever

Welcome to DISH Network Chat.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): How may I help you Matt?
Matt Jordan:  Hi! There's a problem with my bill.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sure I'd be glad to help you setup autopay with paperless billing on your account.
Matt Jordan:  The problem is with the amount.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sorry for the typo.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): I'd be glad to assist you with the bill explanation, could you please tell me which part of the bill is confusing?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): For security purposes, can you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?
Matt Jordan:  XXXX. Every month, I get a statement saying that my bill is $54 and change. But it's supposed to be $47. I talked to Jason (5J0) on August 9 and to Rachel (F39) on November 30, both of whom confirmed this.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): All right.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please, I have checked your account.
Matt Jordan:  And...?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): One moment please.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): As of now your monthly charges are $52.99 plus taxes.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Your actual monthly charges are $73.99 plus taxes.
Matt Jordan:  There should be comments on my account from both Jason and Rachel,explaining that I'm supposed to have an additional $7/month credit for the first twelve months.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): But as you have $15 credits on the account and also $6 credit for the service plan are being applied on the account.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Therefore the monthly are lower than the actual monthly charges.
Matt Jordan:  Um, okay. Those are indeed among the credits I was promised. But there should be another $7/month credit for the first twelve months.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please, there are additional $7 credits also on the account.
Matt Jordan:  Okay, so it should be around $47, right?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please.
Matt Jordan:  Yes please indeed.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You have been charged for the charge of $47.40 only.
Matt Jordan:  Excellent. Is there a way to ensure that this is what my electronic statement says from now on?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Only $47.40 was deducted from your account.
Matt Jordan:  Great. Will my bills reflect this from now on?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes Matt, you can view the credits and charges applied on the account on your online account bill statement.
Matt Jordan:  Okay.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sure, your bills reflect this from now.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): I appreciate your co-operation and understanding in this regard.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): To view the statements online, please try the following steps once you log-in:
Alvin (ID:  6C2): • Please login to your online account and select 'Billing'. This will take you to the Payment and Statements page.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): • For previous statements, please select the Past Statement option and select a billing date (available for the last 12 months). Select View Activity to view the selected monthly statement.
Matt Jordan:  Thank you. I appreciate your co-operation as well. I will do those things you say.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You're welcome.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thanks for the compliment.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Please take the brief survey to rate the impact I had on your issue after you end the chat session.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Matt Jordan:  No, thank you very much. But this has been fun.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You're welcome.
Matt Jordan:  Have a nice day.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thank you.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You too Matt!!!!!!!!!!!
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a wonderful day!
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