Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lecture on God and Morality

Below is the flyer for a talk that I'm giving this Thursday at AUM. For folks who live in Montgomery and are especially interested in this kind of thing, I will be teaching a whole course on this topic in Fall 2011.

“God and Morality”

An MLA Lecture by Dr. Matthew Jordan

Many people—theists and atheists alike—think that morality must depend upon God. This idea is often expressed with the slogan, “if God does not exist, then everything is permissible.” But is that right? If atheism is true, then would there be nothing wrong with theft, torture, or murder? In this talk, Professor Jordan will discuss some of the philosophical issues surrounding ideas and questions like these.
Thursday, April 28, 6:20-7:35 in Goodwyn 110

Dr. Jordan’s lecture, which is part of the MLA lecture series, is free and open to the public.  Everyone at AUM and from the community is welcome to attend.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

MLA Lecture Advertisment

I can't attend this because I agreed to dislocate my knee and probably break an ankle play in a student/faculty basketball game at AUM the same evening, but many of my Montgomery friends may be interested to know about this event.  (Aaron Cobb is the other philosophy professor at AUM.)

Christianity and the Question of Authority in 18th-Century England

An MLA lecture by Dr. Aaron Cobb 

"The Protestant Reformation caused a crisis in Christianity in Early Modern Europe.  In this presentation, I will address one difficult question engendered by this crisis: who or what is the proper authority for religious belief?  Addressing this question provides a fruitful approach for distinguishing the various branches of Christianity at this time and for understanding the bitter divisions in England between Roman Catholics, Puritans, and members of the Church of England at the turn of the 18th Century."

Monday, February 7, 6:20-7:35 in Goodwyn 110
Dr. Cobb’s lecture is free and open to the public.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fifteen Minutes of My Life That Are Gone Forever

Welcome to DISH Network Chat.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): How may I help you Matt?
Matt Jordan:  Hi! There's a problem with my bill.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sure I'd be glad to help you setup autopay with paperless billing on your account.
Matt Jordan:  The problem is with the amount.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sorry for the typo.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): I'd be glad to assist you with the bill explanation, could you please tell me which part of the bill is confusing?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): For security purposes, can you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?
Matt Jordan:  XXXX. Every month, I get a statement saying that my bill is $54 and change. But it's supposed to be $47. I talked to Jason (5J0) on August 9 and to Rachel (F39) on November 30, both of whom confirmed this.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): All right.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please, I have checked your account.
Matt Jordan:  And...?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): One moment please.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): As of now your monthly charges are $52.99 plus taxes.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Your actual monthly charges are $73.99 plus taxes.
Matt Jordan:  There should be comments on my account from both Jason and Rachel,explaining that I'm supposed to have an additional $7/month credit for the first twelve months.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): But as you have $15 credits on the account and also $6 credit for the service plan are being applied on the account.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Therefore the monthly are lower than the actual monthly charges.
Matt Jordan:  Um, okay. Those are indeed among the credits I was promised. But there should be another $7/month credit for the first twelve months.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please, there are additional $7 credits also on the account.
Matt Jordan:  Okay, so it should be around $47, right?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes please.
Matt Jordan:  Yes please indeed.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You have been charged for the charge of $47.40 only.
Matt Jordan:  Excellent. Is there a way to ensure that this is what my electronic statement says from now on?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Only $47.40 was deducted from your account.
Matt Jordan:  Great. Will my bills reflect this from now on?
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Yes Matt, you can view the credits and charges applied on the account on your online account bill statement.
Matt Jordan:  Okay.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Sure, your bills reflect this from now.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): I appreciate your co-operation and understanding in this regard.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): To view the statements online, please try the following steps once you log-in:
Alvin (ID:  6C2): • Please login to your online account and select 'Billing'. This will take you to the Payment and Statements page.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): • For previous statements, please select the Past Statement option and select a billing date (available for the last 12 months). Select View Activity to view the selected monthly statement.
Matt Jordan:  Thank you. I appreciate your co-operation as well. I will do those things you say.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You're welcome.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thanks for the compliment.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Please take the brief survey to rate the impact I had on your issue after you end the chat session.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
Matt Jordan:  No, thank you very much. But this has been fun.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You're welcome.
Matt Jordan:  Have a nice day.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thank you.
Alvin (ID:  6C2): You too Matt!!!!!!!!!!!
Alvin (ID:  6C2): Thank you for chatting with Dish Network, have a wonderful day!
Thank you for visiting Dish Network. You may now close this window.